A parody: The College Speech

I am black and I regret nothing.

I told my mother about kids slacking off in school. She told me if I tried it she’d slack my face off of my neck.0_0 

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela


This man is more than the world will ever know or understand. He was humble, kind, courageous, intelligent, and most of all, wise… wise beyond understanding. My prayers go out to his family and friends and all the people who were directly affected by his presence. I am grateful for his existence and his life. He is an inspiration, and a undying legend. 


It seems like almost daily we hear about the many problems facing the continent of Africa. We are often exposed to commercials and news-feeds which broadcast content about hungry African children, corrupted governments in the continent, or civil wars within African countries. Although these issues are huge and important, they are not the only ones. There are also other problems facing the continent which deserve just as much, or even more attention. In fact, when children in the continent fall sick from lack of food, or when soldiers get injured during civil war combats, where are they taken? How are they taken care of? 

This blog was designed to bring attention to the healthcare issues in Africa as well as foster discussions, and develop ideas to solve these issues.

I am! - Anna

No question, just kudos my friend. I am crying with laughter...